Vaping Today – July 8, 2016

Today I received a package of assorted e-liquids in the mail.   Not an uncommon event.  The part that was an uncommon event is when I opened up the 30ml bottle of  “Sunshine Drip Line”.    It’s a 20/80 blend of PG/VG at 6mg/ml nicotine level.


The bottle of dotcomvapor sunshine is somewhat unique, a frosted bottle, with an easy to read, label.  Simple, yet refined.  I often find that companies that put much effort into the bottles appearances, suffer from spending as much effort on their e-liquids’ flavors. When I cracked open the seal and took a deep breath, the fragrance of the e-liquid, brought a smile to my face.  It is very reminiscent of orange Tic Tacs.   I was pleasantly surprised.  I immediately, went to my work table, removing the cotton from my Wotofo Troll RDA.  Then I installed fresh fuji cotton and proceeded to drip the e-liquid over the coil, to wick the cotton.  Just the scent of tart and yet juicy orange, had my taste buds salivating.   I filled the reservoir, and slid the top on the RDA.  I took a short pull, and was rewarded with the delicious burst of orange and tangy tangerine flavors, that the scent of the juice eludes to.   I am not one to review every product that I try.   This e-liquid flavor, is amazing, if you enjoy the orange flavors, this is on the must try list.    My hats off to dotcomvapor for making an exceptional flavor.


Flavor: 10 of 10

Packaging: 10 of 10

Shipping: 10 of 10

Price Point: TBD


Vaper Flask v 2.1 + Evolv DNA 40 + Reverse battery protection = EPIC Failure

Vape Forward claims, that the Vaper Flask v 2.1 has an Evolv DNA 40, based board. The DNA 40 chipset by Evolv claimed to protect against reverse battery polarity.     In fact it does not, completely.  If you place one battery in the correct orientation and another in the incorrect orientation, the Vapor Flask v 2.1 tested, failed.  The VF device became very hot.  The batteries were removed immediately.   Upon subsequent tests, the device in question, the Vaper Flask v 2.1  with an Evolv DNA 40 board, would no longer use both of the batteries.   One battery is used, the other battery remains idle.


Perhaps the DNA 75 and DNA 200 too?

Vaping Today – July 2, 2016

Today I am vaping, a juice I DIY. I created a Hazelnut vanilla custard, at 3mg/ml. I’m vaping it in my Theorem, with a 4 wrap fused clapton, .43 ohm, atop my Triade DNA 200 by Lost Vape @ 36W. I also have it, in my UD W-4 on a standard clapton, 5 wrap, .74 Ohm, on my Vaper Flask v 2.1, at 30W.